About PDR...

Paintless Dent Repair (sometimes called Paintless Dent Removal) is a method of repairing dents in an automobile without disturbing the paint job. This can save lots of money, time, and fuss, as conventional autobody repair methods require repainting the panel being repaired. PDR’s value is derived mostly from a few main points:

  • It is generally less expensive than conventional repair.
  • It takes only a fraction of the time required for conventional repair.
  • It saves the paint job, maintaining the value of the vehicle.
  • It is much more “green” that conventional repair, skipping the fumes, dust, chemicals, and noise normally associated with conventional repair.

Generally speaking, the process involves the massaging of the metal back into its original place with any of a large number of special tools. This is possible because modern automotive paints are highly plastic and can normally withstand the flexing required to work the metal beneath them back into shape.

About Our PUSH TO PAINT™ Repair Method

Even when a dent’s paint is already cracked or otherwise damaged, the PDR tools and techniques are still useful for removing the dent below the painted surface. This method is often superior to conventional methods since it is faster and does not require nearly the “prep” time that conventional repairs typically require. For instance, a repair for one particular dent might remove the dent completely, leaving only a tiny spot in the paint job to be touched up. Meanwhile, on another dent where it is obvious that the panel will require repainting, the technician can remove the dent to a close-enough tolerance that the sanding process required for the paint preparation will remove whatever imperfections remain, removing the need for filler altogether. And in yet a third scenario, a severe dent’s repair provides for some shrinking of stretched metal and gets the dent close enough to the original surface position that just a single swipe of body filler will be all that’s needed.


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